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Pearce Home Comfort Furnace Tune-Up  Special
Every furnace and air conditioner manufacturer recommends routine maintenance and your warranty’s fine print states that the homeowner is required to maintain their equipment or the warranty may become void. A small, yearly investment in a furnace tune-up will return big rewards. Many manufacturers require proof of routine maintenance, so always remember to keep copies of your receipts for any and all service work performed.

✤ Clean furnace or boiler ✤ Check furnace filters ✤ Check for combustion air
✤ Check chimney base ✤ Check safety devices ✤ Check hot water tank
✤ Clean and check pilots ✤ Check heat anticipators ✤ Check gas valve operation
✤ Adjust pilot ✤ Check thermostat contacts ✤ Test for gas leaks
✤ Check Thermocouple ✤ Check limit control ✤ Check humidifier
✤ Clean burners ✤ Inspect combustion chamber ✤ Check electrical connections
✤ Adjust burners ✤ Check blower wheel ✤ Inspect heat exchanger
✤ Check fan belts ✤ Check blower motor and lube ✤ Check motors and oil
✤ Check amperage draw ✤ Check furnace wiring ✤ Check thermostat & calibrate

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