Duct Work

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Pearce Home Comfort’s duct work services help move the hot and cold air through your home or office more efficiently.  Optimizing air flow might seem relatively basic but there is a great deal of calculation required to set up an efficient air delivery system.  Every bend reduces the efficiency of the air moving through it and over the entire run any broken seals, gaps or broken connections create air flow losses which reduce comfort and energy efficiency.

If your ductwork is less than optimal you could be losing 25-30%+ of your heating and cooling delivery.

Pearce Home Comfort are experts at designing and optimizing complex duct runs for your home and office.

Our Ductwork Services include:

  • Central Air Ducting
  • Furnace and Heating Ducting
  • Air Filtration Ducting
  • Heat Pump Ducting
  • Ventilation Ducting
  • Ductwork Service and Repair